‘GoThinkBig’ presents Le Freak (Nile Rodgers & Rudimental remix) featuring Melanie Reid.

Today we bring you a vocalist that we believe has an extremely bright future!

Meet ‘Melanie Reid’ an awesomely talent girl from Newbury, who at the age of 21 was picked to sing on the Nile Rodgers & Rudimental Remix of Le Freak for the ‘We Are Family’ & ‘GoThinkBig’ charities.

This track showcases her incredibly fresh pop voice along with her fantastic ability to write melody and lyrics. Her voice brings so much energy to the track, you just want to get up and dance!

We are very excited for her future projects, especially with House & Bass duo Catchment (Don’t worry you’ll hear them later today)!

Definitely one to watch! Ladies and Gentlemen, Melanie Reid!


Download from iTunes here! (It all goes to charity):


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