Panama – Always (Classixx Remix)

You’ve gotta love a funky remix on a Wednesday afternoon. 

P a n a m a, from Sydney, Australia released their EP ‘Always’ about 6 months ago now and the title track has been brilliantly remixed by LA producer ‘Classixx’

Combining indie guitars and sing-a-long melodies with funky beats and baselines this track is sure to get you moving!




We would like to draw your attention to this young lady from Miami who goes by the name of Brika, both tracks on her Soundcloud are worth hearing so we thought we would share them with you! They are called Expectations and Mumbai.

Both tracks showcase her beautiful voice while also bringing some edge to the equation, they both carry a variety of influences making it hard to classify the genre. Her music is extremely refreshing, so have a listen, perfect sunday evening tunes…

PICNIC SPECIAL: Lost Frequencies – Trouble (Feat. Lauren)

Belgium producer Felix de Laet goes by the name of ‘Lost Frequencies’. With music like this we aren’t surprised he is quickly gaining a lot of recognition. 

Lost Frequencies’ track ‘Trouble’ featuring Lauren brings us an interesting, slightly different take on Deep House and its hard to think that he has only been producing music for around 3 months. 

With inspiration coming from Jazz all the way to Drum ‘n’ Bass it means his portfolio is never boring.

Billie Black – I Don’t Need Another Lover

Remaining fairly elusive, Billie Black has teased us with a taste of what is to come in the future with the 2 tracks up on her sound cloud page.

After her debut and only show to date with Nao selling out, she has left fans wanting more and wondering what is next to come.

For now, take a listen to the most recent track on her soundcloud ‘I Don’t Need Another Lover’ and join us in waiting for future releases. Exciting things are happening for this girl…

PICNIC SPECIAL: Frances – Fire May Save You (Cesare remix)

A collaboration starting in Frances’s hometown Berkshire, England and finishing in the Brazil with a wonderful remix by Cesare.

This summery remix combines Frances’s unforgettable voice with the house vibes of Ibiza.

Released through French label Kitsuné both Frances and Cesare are people that should be watched as we know they both have exciting things in the pipe-line.