We would like to bring you our very first ‘Picnic Profile’. This is where we follow an artist on their every move and watch them grow.

So to kick us off we have the fantastic WØLFFE.

Wølffe, from Brixton, London is only 22 years old. She is the newest signing to ‘Rocket Music Management’ taking influence from the likes of Massive Attack, Lykkie Li and Hans Zimmer. Creating a R&B and Dream Pop style of music.

Wølffe has been extremely busy this summer, working with some of the musical minds behind Lana Del Rey and Hurts.

The first track we bring you is a cover of Drakes – Hold On, We’re Going Home. This is a regularly covered song but she take it to a completely different place, creating a fresh and interesting arrangement. Wølffe captures a chilled and dreamy vibe that is head noddingly brilliant.

Here at Digital Picnic we are extremely excited about what this girl has in the Pipeline, so keep your eyes pealed for future posts and join us on her journey.

The video is pretty snazzy too:





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